If I think I have to be in every one of them. Going to too many forums will take away actual time I can work, and also when the senses fatigue creeps in ( This happens when I am bombarded with too many ideas, too quick), what hits the eyes and ears will die right there, not bothering to enter my brain.


if I want good ideas in our society to blossom, pollinate and spread.

Entrepreneurship is of no use if practice is absent. Sri Lanka has a culture of ‘OK’. Contrary to what the media is projecting, been an entrepreneur is next best thing to a ‘stable’ job. Working for a company is cheered, running a company is frowned upon. This ‘OK’ culture is killing Sri Lanka silently in every aspect. It is a high, very thick glass ceiling that must be broken. Hence forums are important. Yet, Action is better than forums, forums are better than no forums.

We like others to change, but take very little effort to change ourselves.Why change my self? So that I can tolerate others? No. Not at all. I change because the battle is always an internal one.

The world, which is seemingly outside, is not actually outside. World is what we perceive in our minds what it is. I go down the memory lane, 10 years back, and another 10 years – the things most important to me had changed. All dependent on my experience, of what I make out of what was presented to me.

So, the change must always come from with in to make things better. We are capable of change, but we have become ‘OK’ to go with the flow.