Too many entrepreneurship forums in Sri Lanka. Is that bad ?


If I think I have to be in every one of them. Going to too many forums will take away actual time I can work, and also when the senses fatigue creeps in ( This happens when I am bombarded with too many ideas, too quick), what hits the eyes and ears will die right there, not bothering to enter my brain.


if I want good ideas in our society to blossom, pollinate and spread.

Entrepreneurship is of no use if practice is absent. Sri Lanka has a culture of ‘OK’. Contrary to what the media is projecting, been an entrepreneur is next best thing to a ‘stable’ job. Working for a company is cheered, running a company is frowned upon. This ‘OK’ culture is killing Sri Lanka silently in every aspect. It is a high, very thick glass ceiling that must be broken. Hence forums are important. Yet, Action is better than forums, forums are better than no forums.

2 thoughts on “Too many entrepreneurship forums in Sri Lanka. Is that bad ?

  1. There was a time I was trying really hard to promote entrepreneurship in SL. Seeing all the hype now, I can’t be more happier. Let there be more and more and more!

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    1. isura

      While agreeing forums are important, there are not many sustainable ventures to look up to.


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