2017 is ripe for disruption in massive proportions. One is definitely drones. People who whine about loss of jobs for technology will be in for more bad news. Yes, drones will take away traditional jobs, but if you carefully watch below video, you will understand there is emerging demand for people who can handle drones, make drones and deliver drones. Technology takes away jobs, and they create brand new jobs. Youth will gladly take these jobs, provided they get relevant tech education fast. But, if GenX or senior citizens can embrace change, educate themselves, the possibilities are endless.


Politicians know this well. Higher echelons of structured religions know this absolutely well. If you instil fear in the minds of a group ( religion, caste, race, nation etc) that others are not good, you gain control over the group.

Carefully analyse all wars, riots, spread of wealth, or inequality in this world, you’d find this equation visible in plain sight. But emotions of fear is more real than analysis of facts. That’s why fake news thrive.

It is a weapon used by a lazy lethargic influencing few to take control of the hard working majority. Why most of the politicians, if not all, in this country are heavily un educated and non-sensical, but come next election, they win ? It’s through careful pollination of fear of other groups.

A Uber driver recently told me he’s Tamil and happily married to a Sinhala lady.

‘How hard is it?’ I asked.

‘No problem sir, We don’t think of it as hard, We don’t think of what others think, but we don’t do any harm either’

Wow. I was stumped.


We want teams to explore opportunities, yet we celebrate speedy delivery.

We advise people to think as a ‘group’ but treat ‘group think’ as a cancer in the organisation culture.

We want self motivated, initiative taking teams, but at the same time fear uncontrolled outcomes they bring in.

We want people to meet, discuss and make collaborative decisions, when in fact that decision could have been made by just one person, saving hours of meeting time.

Are we walking the talk ?

I scanned few newspapers and watched news on TV to realise ordinary people ( You and Me) have no place in media. Headlines are screaming rubbish statements from politicians. There are videos of gruesome murders and road crashes. Death counts from bomb blasts. Cricket scores. Beauty tips. Weather.

Where are news about the ordinaries? The ordinary champions who made it.

One rare news of an ordinary I want to share is this jaw dropping story of a  Sri Lankan lady. Her name is Nilushika Jayaweera. Please read.

Maid who left Singapore as a businesswoman




People say internet is bad because  it makes people purchase items they don’t want. It feeds you tons of information you cannot process. It depress you because it feeds you celebrity stuff and you think you have to be a celebrity too.

All of this is true, if you are using internet 100% as a consumer.

What about you become a creator ?

  • A simple blog post that can help someone.
  • You do a research to check the cheapest and easiest way to purchase insurance.
  • You reduce usual time it takes for you to do a task, by learning from google fast.
  • You register to a course and learn how to play piano. ( You have to check Udemy, if you don’t believe me)
  • You open a Google doc, and invite collaborators from around the world to contribute to a working concept note. You get brilliant minds to work on something.
  • You hire and outsource brilliant people to get your leaflet or logo done for $5 in Fiverr.com. So you save many hours which you can spend with your family.

The choice of been a consumer and creator is with us. Why then people don’t create much ?

It’s this idea in our minds of producing a perfect product. The world does not care if it is perfect in your mind. They care if it fits their purpose,and delivered in time. If you stop been a perfectionist and start delivering version 1.0 fast, you may find something amazing happening to you. You have created. You have done  version 1.0, maybe the client will like it, and all you had to do was version 1.0.

I am not ready. I am not good enough. It needs quality time. I have too much work.

Let go of these thoughts.



This is not a step by step guide. Here’s the philosophy to deal with fake news. 

If you don’t read news you are uninformed. If you do read it, you are misinformed. ( This is a quote of Mark Twain, of course ).

So what do you do ? That’s a great question. What is the long term effect of too much information ? One of the effects is the need to be first, not even to be true anymore. So what is the responsibility you all have ? To tell the truth. Not just to be first. We live in a society that is just.. it’s first, who cares, get it out there, we don’t care whom it hurts, we don’t care whom we destroy, we don’t care if it is true. Just say it. Sell it. Anything you practice, you get good at, including …..BS.

You heard me? Does that make sense?

And Who said these words? Denzel Washington.

I searched the web for this video’s transcript. Could not find it, hence I typed it. It’s totally worth it.