How can I help you ?

At events, especially after completing a talk, number of people who network with me is high. It’s all good. But time is limited. At one instance there were 3 persons from different organisations around me. All want to talk about their work, but all want to leave soon as well, because it was already past 530 pm. Traffic is insane in Colombo. So this is what I did. ” How can I help you?” The conversation moved from what we do to why we should connect. We all were questioning each other with specific questions and sooner we understood each other. It took 10 minutes and we knew how we can help each other. Wonderful thing was with one person I  found he could help me more than I could help him. So, ” How can I help you?”

Focus on customer behaviour

Arguments about technology changing needs of the customer is exciting, winding and depressing, because our assumptions are based on popular all or nothing trends. No, people don’t queue up for change in straight lines. It’s messy. So instead of zooming in on trends, try to zoom out and watch behaviour changes of people. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to observe people’s behaviours. If tech changes everything, why there is still demand for printed books? printed news papers ? If tech makes old structures go down, why Uber struggles in China, Taiwan and many East Asian countries ? If digital music is the bomb, why still people call radio stations and request songs? Seriously? While tech changes behaviour, it is vital to understand it doesn’t completely change the world as found in excited speeches of futurists. Strike a balance when you do your business planning.

Happy Birthday, Time.

I am a digital nomad. Many of us are digital nomads – knowingly or unknowingly internet has changed how we live, work and play. Last year I received more than 300 birthday wishes. Most of them on Facebook, then twitter, Google + and Skype. For a single day in a year, I was flooded with wishes. I felt really good. I replied all of those wishes. Wow, this guy from Uni, who now lives in Australia, whom I had not talked in 10 years, remembered me, wished me. I saw the pattern. Facebook sends the reminder to FB friends, then all in FB gets excited. Then someone who’s on twitter sees the FB message, sends her wishes on twitter. Twitter starts loving me. Same in Google +, same in skype. My birthday is a piece of data FB cross sell. There I was, dissecting my emotions. I removed my birthday visibility from Facebook. I did same with Google+. I tried several

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Fake news is bigger than we think

This post I wrote gives a philosophy to face fake news. Yet it seems fake news is now beyond individual attempts to decipher. Take a look at video below. After watching this video, take a deep breath and reflect on the next news you see. It’s a fake world out there. Be careful of what you consume. It wasn't just fake news. Real news outlets failed in a big way in 2016. — Vox (@voxdotcom) January 3, 2017

Why increasing minimum wage is good?

I have heard enough stories on how badly the workers on factories, warehouses and supermarkets are salaried. I questioned the ethics of it. I mean, giants like Amazon, Walmart and Apple are ripping the low income workers. Doesn’t sound right. The stories are horrid. Here’s a sensible 3 minutes video explanation from a Silicon Valley Billionaire Nick Hanaeur, on why companies should raise their minimum wage. 19 states are raising the minimum wage today. This billionaire explains why that makes sense: — AJ+ (@ajplus) January 2, 2017

On those new year resolutions.

I had a peak in to my last year’s resolutions. It’s like a rude joke on my self by me. 🙂 Through painful analysis, I found out where I had gone wrong. It’s a trend, and it sounds good. Everybody’s doing it. I should catch up. 8 resolutions. Really ? Why I could not scheduled time for these goals ? Why I could not track progress ? Did I actually want these goals ? Or was I influenced by someone else ? Resolutions are good. But if it is not clearly written down with timelines and resources needed, and did not find its way in to my digital calendar, you know what happened to my resolution. For 2017:  Be audacious, be hopeful, but be realistic. Breakdown the goal in to weekly goals. Work from first week. Track weekly. There are 52 of them. It gives honest feedback. A new goal needs new behaviours. Focus your energy on that behaviour change. Easier

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