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Less talk, Do more.

There comes a time in our lives, we are sick and tired of talk and want to do stuff. Anything, but talk. The frustration that our thoughts do not matter is an acute feeling. It cripples us. However, action done right or done wrong has a… Read More

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Newsless for 9 days

I wrote in this blog about fake news, how to decipher fake news and how to broaden our view of the world in an endless distracted content rich world. Thameera asked me  “why you need news at all?” and shared this post on how I… Read More

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How could you?

I was accused of something I did not. Truly, I had no part of it. Because I wanted to be completely understood, I asked specific questions to see if what I think is the same what he thinks. I explained that it was a total… Read More