Less talk, Do more.

There comes a time in our lives, we are sick and tired of talk and want to do stuff. Anything, but talk. The frustration that our thoughts do not matter is an acute feeling. It cripples us. However, action done right or done wrong has a solid realness that we can relate to, no matter how insignificant we think it is. Send that email that is in drafts, pull out those admin tasks you delayed for so long, make that phone call you are irritated to take. Whatever that gets something done. Watching entertaining late night political talk shows, and engaging in social media storms feels like we are on a rocking chair. We engage in those nonsense with all the people we meet in our lives. We are moving, but going no where. Somewhere down that slippery slope we think we don’t matter. The world around me, is created inside me, by what I put inside my head. And how

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Remove myself from the equation

The vehicle in-front of the taxi I was traveling made a sudden lane change which prompted the driver to stand on his breaks. We were unharmed. I said “ what a fool”, or something similar. Ten seconds of silence and the driver said “ When I am on the road, and when I am behind the wheel, I remove myself from the equation” “What do you mean?” “My objective is to take my passenger from  A to B. What happens between A to B is my navigation. I should not involve in other’s matters” “How do you keep that attitude all through out the day?” “If I don’t do that, I go crazy, so I say a prayer in between rides and renew my peace” I mentioned what Buddha has said, and he mentioned what Allah has said. I got down and he was ready for the next ride.

Newsless for 9 days

I wrote in this blog about fake news, how to decipher fake news and how to broaden our view of the world in an endless distracted content rich world. Thameera asked me  “why you need news at all?” and shared this post on how I can go newsless. I thought it is not possible, because I thought I need to know what is happening. But then I realised most of the news I consume is not healthy for my sanity and have nothing to do with my circle of influence. They are some manufactured pieces of stories to keep my attention from real stuff that I can make a change. It was time for a strict diet. I unfollowed all media twitter accounts. Did same for Facebook media pages. There were friends who were sharing news content too frequently. I ‘muted’ them on twitter, and unfollowed on FB, so that their posts will not get on my feed. But I

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How could you?

I was accused of something I did not. Truly, I had no part of it. Because I wanted to be completely understood, I asked specific questions to see if what I think is the same what he thinks. I explained that it was a total misunderstanding. He did not believe a single word I was saying. I figured there’s no point, and also my blood is now pumping at a rate which is not healthy. I moved away. Physically yes, but not mentally. Here’s how it went in my head. “ How could he? Even after all my explanations? Does he think I am a liar? So,  he could only see this incident? And why he cannot see I would not do such a thing “ It is fun to be the right person in my head. But my blood is still on high speed. I remembered an advise from a book and sat down. Closed my eyes and quietly

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​Why is it hard to get news ?

With internet democratising the knowledge space, why is it I’m finding ever so hard to believe in news I get ? The world used to get joy from watching parody shows. It was not just laughter, but good education too on issues that mattered. The real news is now parody like.  First, most of the actual news is absurd and puke worthy.  Then Media giants make their recipe of  click bait headlines. Then social media posts. Then parodies. Then parodies on parodies. Then more social media.  Fake news , fake facts spread like wildfire. The collateral damage of omnipresent social media accessibility. In the morning I used to get my daily dose of news through Twitter and Facebook. I have given up on Twitter and Facebook as news sources. They are ( it’s actually us, our contributions make those news feeds ) now just about pushing things faster, more.  It’s absolutely excruciating to decipher facts.  So how to survive this

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The other side of ratings

I was waiting for my ride on Uber when I saw on app that the driver had a 3.5 rating. Only 3.5 ? A sudden irritation crept inside me. What could this 3.5 number mean? Is he a reckless driver? Is he bad with using maps? is he mean? may be his car is in bad shape? These thoughts circled my mind for the 5 minutes he took to arrive. Reflecting on my mind state, I questioned my self “what if I had not seen the rating?” I decided to act like I hadn’t seen his rating. I got in. I was welcomed to a wide smile of a young man in his mid twenties. To my surprise he drove exceptionally well. No crazy changing of lanes, no abrupt brakes, and he was very courteous. He had been driving for 6 days on Uber. There can be many reasons for his 3.5 rating. I judged him on his rating alone.

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Asking questions and fear of failure

I find audiences very peculiar. They don’t ask questions after a session is over. When I go to a session, an event, a meeting or to a talk,  there’s a good reason why I am spending my time there. Otherwise I don’t go. So when I am there, I want to ask questions to clarify and clear doubts. I want to learn new things. I am not afraid if I look stupid in front of others, because my biggest resource is time, and it needs better care. From experience I found, it is only my questions that can make my time spent worthwhile in many occasions. Here’s an example. Extra tip: I am an avid google maps user, but I stop by and ask from people about the place I am going. I am pleasantly surprised by the knowledge I get. I found most of the time, the reason I do not want to ask questions is the fear of

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