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committed to succeed.

In interviews, a person with elite education and good grades will look more appealing than an average IQ person with a fierce determination to get things done. Because it is hard to assess a person’s ability to execute -the person with education and interview winning skills gets the… Read More

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Breaking point

Every single human being has a breaking point. Whatever the situation, hygiene of the mind is important. Whatever we put in to our mind, it takes hold of us as the reality, if we feed too much of the same. If you scroll through FaceBook,… Read More

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The bakery

Bakery business is more or less the same, especially in my neighbourhood. But there’s a bakery I like, I go there often. The food is good, tea is fine, yet there are places where food is much better than here. So why?. I go there… Read More

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Respect time.

Though many say “time is money”, time in organisations is not actually treated in the way we treat money. Organisations in meeting rooms waste hundreds or hours in few hours. I was recently at a meeting with 25 people for 2 hours. That is 50 man… Read More