I was logged out of Facebook

I was at a conference today (September 28, 2018). I wanted to post something on Facebook. In my phone, I felt some kind of a lag when opening facebook app. Then FB app logged me out and asked me to log in . Strange, I thought. I typed my password and logged in. Then FB messenger asked me to do the same thing. Weird, I thought. Back home, I opened facebook on my laptop. FB logged me out and asked me to log in. Again. Then a news article caught my eye. I immediately changed my password. Facebook Network is Breached, Putting 50 Million Users’ Data at Risk More than 90 million Facebook users were forced to log out of their accounts early Friday, a common safety measure taken when accounts have been compromised. Facebook said it did not know the origin or identity of the attackers, nor had it fully assessed the scope of the attack. The company said

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