Quick fixes are an addiction

We love quick fixes. Speed is the most crucial factor for winning in the new world. Fast food to 7 minute workouts to consultants pushing theories to change an organisation or a whole country in 100 days are now common. News headlines scream quick change, because any media likes eyeballs on them. In a week, [...]

Something Magical happened at #YouthSparkLive

Microsoft, in collaboration with Ministry of Telecom and Digital Infrastructure and Sarvodaya-Fusion organised this event #YouthSparkLive at Trace expert City on December 3rd , to inspire youth in Colombo to learn coding, get right advice on career guidance, and have tons of fun doing that. The reason for Microsoft to have this event in Colombo was [...]

Too many entrepreneurship forums in Sri Lanka. Is that bad ?

Yes, If I think I have to be in every one of them. Going to too many forums will take away actual time I can work, and also when the senses fatigue creeps in ( This happens when I am bombarded with too many ideas, too quick), what hits the eyes and ears will die [...]

The need for change

We like others to change, but take very little effort to change ourselves.Why change my self? So that I can tolerate others? No. Not at all. I change because the battle is always an internal one. The world, which is seemingly outside, is not actually outside. World is what we perceive in our minds what it is. [...]

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