Just after graduation, entering the world as a Chemical and Process Engineer, I knew inside that I was capable and passionate about something else. Information and communication technology. I was fascinated by the endless possibilities it could bring in to all walks of life. I wanted to work on that could until it became a reality, especially for rural Sri Lanka.

I understood in my 12 year run so far, as a social entrepreneur, that working alone or even working with a team who are more passionate than me is not enough. Even with wonderful support from Government, private sector and development agencies is not enough either. The challenges we are facing is too much of a force to be tackled in ad-hoc manner. We need a social revolution in our thinking and action, and I found it is not just relevant for Sri Lanka, but for the whole world. As the African saying goes,

“If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

My mission in this life is to “Inspire communities to reach out to new opportunities using IT: especially to get educated, find jobs, and maybe ( what I love to see !) starting their own thing. Also co-create spaces for harmonious innovation, so that each person can harness their own unique potential, not what the mainstream society wants them to be”

Appearing in press/media certainly helps a lot to spread the message. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Interview : during Sirasa TV “Gammedda” program ( In Sinhala) 
  • #ngage 7.0 talk at Dialog – Being relevant in the age of the inevitable. 


  • feature on #ngage 7.0 talk at Dialog : ( Article )


  • ‘Smart Future Together’ , TEDx talk at TEDxColombo


  • Featured in 40 under 40, of Echelon Magazine. ( Article

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 5.20.15 AM

  • Mending mindsets – Interview, Echelon Magazine ( Article )


  • ‘Smart Village’ at MTV ‘Good Morning Sri Lanka’


  • ‘It takes a smart village’ interview with Angelo Fernando, LMD Magazine. 

it takes a smart village


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