PR articles – A wasted opportunity

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Have you flip through business magazines and news papers with dozens of PR articles, but never stop to check what’s in them ?
You are not alone. It is not just because they are boring, we all know they are lies biased.
1) The articles project organisations as places that did no wrong, not doing any wrong and will not do any wrong. We all know that is just fairy tale. ( Even fairy tales have demons to whack)
2) The leader of the organisation quotes lot of statistics to prove his point : ” my organisation is the best”. Numbers make people yawn.
3) Social media have dug up the dark side of organisations. People know. Shareholders know.

The opportunity in PR articles is to tell a honest story about what they are doing well against the challenges and competition. People love to hear a story.

Isn’t this manipulation ?
No. People will know a honest story when they hear it.

Business as usual? Or go digital.


Many organisations have called themselves digital before Covid19.
The pandemic identified all our camouflages.
These organisations had some of their marketing in digital but all other aspects were stuck in analog.They had the shock of their lives in 2020.Going forward now, we have the question in front of us: are we going back to what it was ?
Are we stepping back on the digital initiatives we have taken because we were forced during the pandemic?
Are we going to cancel the work from home because now we can come to office ?Nothing will make us prepared for the future, if digital is stuck in marketing. We need to move digital from marketing to the business model.If digital is not rooted in the business model, we can safely say, we are doing business as usual.