A question about working from home.

Well in Sri Lanka countryside | Water well, Wellness, Off grid living

A true story.

A social service organisation dug up a drinking water well right in the middle of a very remote village.The team was so happy they could provide clean water to villagers. Before this new well, villagers used to travel 5 kilometres to fetch water.
Donor agency was happy too. They came, launched the well with a ceremony, took smiling pictures with villagers and left.
A month later the team was baffled to witness that no one is using the well. They found why.
Husbands of the village used to paddle early in the morning in their cycles to fetch water. Not just water, but also to fetch the daily dose of village gossip. The well 5 kilometres away was the meeting point for husbands of neighbouring villages.
Social interaction trumped convenience.

Question: Did the social service organisation fail to do the community needs assessment right ?

Another question : Why employees in 2020 spectacularly misuse the opportunity given by their employers to work from home. ?